Detection Times for Hair Follicle Drug Tests

marijuanaThe time that it takes for a drug test to reveal marijuana in your system depends on several factors. It depends on the frequency with which you consume the weed as well as the amounts you consume. The detection time also depends on what kind of test is done as well as what your metabolism levels are when the test is performed.

Based on the input received from many people who have had the hair follicle drug test, the detection time frame in most labs is mainly broken down like this:

  • Single-Use of Marijuana – Detection is doubted
  • Regular-Use of Marijuana – Residue remains detectable for 90 days
  • Amphetamines – Residue remains for 90 days
  • Cocaine – Residue remains for 90 days
  • Heroin and Opiates – Residue remains for 90 days
  • PCP – Residue remains for 90 days

For anyone who has only had marijuana once, the likelihood of it being detected in a hair follicle test is minimal. There is not enough residue to pass through the hair. Hair tests usually only detect the drug in regular users. Occasional users go undetected with hair tests.

Regular users of marijuana have the substance mixed into the blood stream. Therefore, there is a good chance of the residue getting into the hair follicles. It can remain there for at least a month.

Long Hair versus Short Hair

There is a certain logic that some people have thinking that long hair gets detected as it seems it would have a lot more residue in it. They also think that people with short hair will have fewer chances of having the marijuana get detected. The reality is that it does not make a difference. What matters is the amount of the substance that is in the body. Labs will use one and one-half inches of hair from the root. Any other hair gets cut off.

Odds of Detection

Rules of drug tests vary by country. States also differ. Anyone looking for a job who is getting screened, even for a low-paying job may have to undergo a test. Private employees get more freedom when drug testing procedures are used.

Know Which Drugs Employers Screen For

It is helpful to know which drugs most employers look for. Opiates are very common, so is cocaine. However, any anabolic steroids or inhalers are never a cause for worry if they are detected.

If you’re an employers it’s important you read over these hair test lessons.

How the Hair Test Works

Any time that you consume a drug, active chemicals then circulate in your body. The body processes these drugs and they accumulate in and around the hair follicle. As a hair strand grows, the drug’s chemicals are deposited into the follicle. When hair tests are done, it is these deposits that are being looked for.

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Stop Drug UseWhen to Stop Drug Use

Clearly, the sooner you stop when you find out you are getting a drug test, the better off you are. If you are looking for a job, stop using the drugs completely. Some hair tests can detect drugs like marijuana up to 90 days following ingestion. Before entering the job market, it is best to stop doing any drugs at least three months in advance.

Desperate Home Remedies

Sometimes, emergent, unexpected tests are done. It is at times like this you will want to find a commercial home remedy product to get rid of the drug. This is especially important to do if you have consumed drugs in the last 90 days and you are getting a hair test. Methods of these remedies do not come with scientific evidence but they do come with evidence of effectiveness from other users.

The truth is that a hair follicle test is among the more unreliable test methods. Many casual users who indulge one to five times a week will pass a test (learn more). Those who take marijuana regularly have a higher chance of having the drug detected following a test.