How Common Is Hair Drug Testing For Work?

There are a lot of questions about how common the hair test is among employees (and understanding how it works). These are some of the answers to questions surrounding hair drug tests for work.

Answer 1

airline pilotIf the job in question is for a Federal or DOT position, such as a train engineer, airline pilot, truck driver and so on, the chances that you will have to go through a hair follicle test to look for drugs are about zero as of right now. This is because Federal Regulations (i.e. 49 CFR Part 40) will only allow for the use of urine drug testing for now.

However, if you are going for a position for a private employer, the chances you will have to take a hair follicle test will be about 100% if the company has a policy requiring hair drug testing as a pre-employment step. You will have to ask the company to get a copy of their policies regarding substance abuse. As a potential employee, you can ask them ahead of time for a copy of the employee handbook and their policies on drug testing. They should be happy to provide it for you.

Employers, as well as directors and HR managers, will prefer that any drug users will self-screen and then never go through with their drug test if they know that they will be testing positive. The cost to employers for testing is high (many have learned the hard way), so if someone tests positive, they will not be hiring them anyway, so they will rather they just not waste their time.

If you are afraid to ask whether or not they require any pre-employment drug testing or the type of testing they require, you can always ask them to detail the hiring process for pre-employment and the steps you will have to go through before getting hired. The questions should be able to bring about the answers you are looking for to tell you whether or not they require any drug testing for employment.

Answer 2

I has become very popular over the last few years. It can be very difficult to pinpoint just what companies will be asking for what kind of test. There have been many people who have had experiences with pre-employment hair follicle tests.

do well in all of the interviewsSay you go to a fortune 100 company and you do well in all of the interviews and you feel as though it is a great fit for you. Once you get a conditional job offer, you might need to pass your hair drug test. You may find that the drug test is a hair follicle test that will go back a bit further than you realize.

Unfortunately, even with all of the different detox products that you can buy online or at a local health store or pharmacy, you could still end up finding that the hair follicle test will be able to bring up any traces of the drugs that could be in your system.

Another scenario would be if you were applying for a position in some sort of warehouse facility where you need to be in charge of pulling products for orders. Even though you may not think that a test would be required, there is always the chance that it could happen. You need to know that there could always be the chance that a company will want to be sure that the employees that they are hiring do not have any drugs in their system at all.

If you are going to be looking for a job, especially one that is important to you, it is best that you are able to stay clean for at least three months to be safe.