How To Pass The Hair Follicle Drug Test

the hair test is tough to beatIn this epic guide, we break down how you can pass your upcoming hair drug test. The hair test is anything but enjoyable to take (and sadly it’s becoming more common). The chances are that you’ve searched for online information already and you know that results are accurate for up to 90 days after drug use. At the same time, there are numerous myths about the drug test that add to the overall confusion.

If you go through forums and message boards on a regular basis, you’ve come across these myths already. You probably know that such tests are difficult to beat. Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, however. There are things you can do to pass the test successfully. The aim of the following guide is to acquaint you with some of the most effective strategies.

Understanding the Myths

Before moving on, let’s take a look at some of the most common myths and misconceptions about the hair follicle drug test.

There are several factors that will determine how far back the test is going to look and deliver reliable results. The type of drug being used, the amount taken, hair length, the potency of the drug and your metabolic rate will all have to be taken into account.

It’s also generally believed that the test can be used to detect any drug or prescription medicine out there. This isn’t necessarily the case. The sensitivity and effectiveness of the test depends on the quality of the lab that’s running it and the equipment being used. Hair follicle drug tests have been known to give false positives for certain substances.

Finally, there are some theories that a significant amount of shampoo and some vigorous hair washing can be used to affect the result of the drug test positively. Unfortunately, passing the test isn’t that simple. Some outside residue may be removed, but a sample will be extracted from the core of the follicle. Drug metabolites will still be left there, and no matter how hard you wash your hair, you’re not going to change the results of the test this way.

Now that the misconceptions are out of the way let’s take a look at some of the strategies used commonly to ensure the successful passing of a hair follicle drug test.

Detection Times

You’ve probably heard that the hair strand test can detect drug further than any other test. Is that true? Absolutely.

It’s no surprise that more private companies are switching away from the urine test, and moving to the hair analysis. Read more about the hair test detection timeline here.

Does Hair Shaving Work?

will you pass if you are baldOne of the simplest possibilities that you’ve probably thought of yourself already is shaving your hair or cutting it very short. While the approach may seem like the most logical thing to do, it’s far from the most practical possibility.

It takes drugs anywhere between five and seven days to make their way to the hair follicle. Thus, if you’ve used any substance within this short period, you may be successful when it comes to cutting your hair very short.

On the downside, the decision to suddenly cut all of your hair off may arise some suspicion. It will probably work if you’re already an eccentric person known for appearance changes. In any other situation, you’ll raise some eyebrows.

If you decide to try this approach, remember that hair doesn’t grow solely on your head. A lab may choose to do a test using bodily hair. Thus, it would be best to shave or wax off everything.

Finally, a lab that’s not capable of collecting a hair sample may request a urine sample instead. Urine samples can detect drugs that have entered your body over the course of the past seven days or so. Cheating on urine tests, however, happens to be a little bit easier.

A Technique for Occasional Weed Smokers

If you’re an occasional pot smoker, you may have an opportunity that others aren’t going to be getting.

People who have smoked marijuana just a couple of times over the past 90 days are more likely to pass the drug test than failing it. Most labs use tests that are trying to detect the prolonged use of illicit substances. Thus, people who smoke on a daily basis or the ones who have done extensive drug use over the course of one day will probably get a positive result.

While this strategy may work, it’s still possible for the test to detect the weed. Thus, you’ll be accepting some risk. If the drug test you’re about to take is going to be determining for your future (for example, giving you access to a dream job), it will not be a wise idea to leave everything to chance.

aloe rid detox shampooTry the Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo.

The myth mentioned above speaks of using a regular shampoo and washing your hair multiple times to pass the test. While the approach is going to fail, trying a specialized shampoo for the purpose of passing a hair follicle drug test will be much more effective.

Aloe Rid is one such product.

When attempting to buy this one, look for the old version of the shampoo. According to reviewers, the new formula doesn’t deliver the same reliable results. The older method is effective because the active ingredients penetrate the hair follicle. By doing so, they remove metabolites and chemical substances that lab tests can detect.

While the product is one of the best possibilities to try, it can be notoriously difficult to find. A specialized website is still available to offer buyers the old formula of Aloe Rid. The website is On top of getting the shampoo there, you can also buy a hair follicle testing kit. Using this item at home, you’ll make sure that the shampoo has done its job and that your hair isn’t going to make you fail the actual test.

To get the best results, you’ll have to use the shampoo daily for a period ranging from three to 10 days. People who don’t have enough time will need to take multiple showers per day to clean the hair follicles completely. For best results, the user will have to focus on the scalp and rub the shampoo vigorously in the roots of the hair. The bottle itself comes with extensive instructions that will help you make the most of Aloe Rid.

Hair Testing By Quest Diagnostics

If you’d like to understand the hair strand analysis at a deeper level, we recommend this article.

Be Careful about Alternative Strategies!

Many websites dedicated to passing drug tests will give you access to alternative possibilities for passing a hair follicle drug test. Before opting for any of these opportunities, make sure there’s evidence proving their effectiveness. Most often, it would all be hype that’s not covered by any proof.

The Macujo and Jerry G methods are two quite popular approaches, but if you take a look at online reviews, you’ll find out that many people have failed when relying on those.

The Jerry G method is an eight-step process that involves the use of chemicals and the thorough cleansing of the hair. For it to deliver results (eventually), you’ll need to stop smoking weed for at least ten days before having the test.

The Macujo method is similar, but it’s a seven-step process. It involves the use of vinegar, the prolonged washing of the hair and the application of Aloe Rid. Most users, however, have found out that Aloe Rid is effective enough on its own and there’s no need to complicate things.

Finally, there’s a product called Total Detox Friend out there. The product is supposedly developed for the purpose of removing any drug residue from the body. Total Detox Friend has a big number of negative reviews, and many people who have relied on it have failed a follicle drug test.

Research suggests that the old Aloe Rid is your safest bet when it comes to passing your drug test. Other methods may still be effective, but you’ll be accepting a significant risk. The detox shampoo is far from expensive, which is why you should give it a try. Don’t forget to perform a hair follicle test at home, as well! It will give you peace of mind and confidence that you’ll pass the test.

What Do Employers Think?

In general, most employers are in favor of using the hair follicle test because the results speak for themselves. Without a doubt, this kind of testing will cause more applicants to fail. That means better employees.

That said, employers have much to learn with it comes to the hair drug test. If you’d like to learn more, be sure to read our lessons for employers guide.

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